Regan. Please be careful (said with sadness in her voice)

My parents and I truly enjoy life. We are comical, hilarious and lively.  Over the past few years my #BUILTFORDTOUGH posts have provided therapy for me as I maneuver this only child life of mine with ageing parents.

It is rare that either of my parents tell me that I should NOT do things. Heck….they tell me to “go for it” on every idea, thought and dream that I express!!!  My Mom shows NO FEAR…EVER!!!!

Today was different…..

I check on my folks regularly. They. Crack. Me. Up. I love them to pieces.

This morning my Mom told me to “please be careful“. I have heard this before, but this morning there was a sadness in her voice that broke me.  She said it again  “Regan…PLEASE be careful“.

What breaks my heart is that she isn’t saying “be careful” because I am headed overseas alone, or a safari adventure or bull riding lessons or taking gymnastics at 47….but because I am going to go get in my car and do my daily routine…..sad.


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