Grabbing the P

Like I say, I cannot make this up.  I need to create a BUILT FORD TOUGH UNCUT page…..this may border on the line….

So…(I seem to always start with a “so”).

So…I am watching the news with my Mom and of course the reporting is all about Donald Drumpf and the recent women coming forward about him and his inappropriate touching.

I become bored with the reporting and am getting ready to leave. My Mom sits up and says “wait…” and starts fluffing her bed pillows.  She takes off her glasses and looks at me with this serious face, like she is about to drop political knowledge on me and possibly discuss her many years in the White House and how campaigns are run.

But noooooooooooo…she sits up adjusts her pillows and looks me dead in the eye and says….

“I just don’t understand why a 70 year old man has to go around grabbing p&#sy…..I mean, no one wants to GIVE him some? Sh$t, he has 3 wives, what’s wrong with him that he has to grab p&#sy….??”

And she is looking at me like she is expecting an answer…shaking her head.   So I say….well they say he has little hands…(tee hee hee).

She nods in agreement and continues down the path of  “I mean Melania don’t want to give him none?? Poor thang?? um um um”

LOL sigh….

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