Ummm yeah…NO!

I am cracking up. So…my Mom is definitely her Mother’s twin.

I had this idea to have this pic re-created with my Mom. This pic was taken of my Grandmother on the Vineyard in 2008.

Annnnd, this is our conversation:

ME: Mom, I have an idea. You know that pic of Mama? The one where she wearing red, that was taken on the Vineyard?

MOM: Yeah…

ME: While you are up there, we should have you take the pic, in the same place. I think Aunt Cheryl has the necklace and you can get a red sweater.

MOM: Hmmmm….that would be nice.

ME: Yeah.

MOM: Wait…when was that pic taken?

ME: 2008

MOM: That was the year before she died, right? She was 80?

ME: Yeah…

MOM: HELL NO!!! Forget that idea!!! I’m 80, we ain’t RECREATING SHIT!!!

ME: ummm…well ok…how u doin?

MOM: I gotta go…I have lunch plans. Bye!

Thursday the 9th

Whew….my Mom got me with this, this morning. Whew…tears. Tears. TEARS.

On this Thursday the 9th (June 9, 2022), I am reflecting on that Thursday the 9th (September 9, 2021).

I miss my Dad terribly, but I am doing pretty good; at times GREAT!

Sometimes I feel bad about feeling good/great. THEN, I hear my Dad’s voice, clearly saying, “Regan…what? Go for it…GO!! I’m good. Have fun. Date. Love. Laugh. LIVE.”.

I feel him daily. I have probably shed a tear every day since he passed. Some from paralyzing sadness and grief but a lot from the wonderful memories and exploits we have had as a family. He is still communicating with us both. I know it…for sure.

I felt my Built Ford Tough voice was lost for a while, but it is back. We are STILL tough. Our leader is now orchestrating from the heavens. Summer Camp is proving to be a HIT.

Driving my Mom up to the Vineyard was so therapeutic. We have being doing that drive since the 70’s. My Dad would strategically pack our car with everything that we would need for our annual summer jaunt and meticulously carve out space for me to sleep. We would leave late at night so that we would arrive at Woods Hole in time to get on the first ferry.

My cousin Ayana and I packed up two cars and carved out space for my Mom, Aunt and Arrow. We each drove while communicating via cell phone. I was my Dad. It felt great.

I have to admit, I was in awe thinking that he did this drive without an EZ Pass; having to slow down to throw some money into a toll well. With NO GPS telling him “speed trap ahead” or WAZE rerouting due to an accident miles ahead. Just a radar detector and sometimes a CB radio.

Thank you family for “listening”…stay tuned!

We are STILL Built Ford Tough!!