How did we get here?

In July 2013, my Daddy went into the hospital to have his 5th spinal surgery.  We are a close family…it is only the 3 of us.  Yes, I am an only child. Yes, I am spoiled.  No, I am not rotten. 🙂 And YES…I am a Daddy’s Girl.

My Daddy is a fighter.  He is Tough. He has been battling severe spinal stenosis, and this surgery was to slow down the narrowing of his spinal column.  As an only child, I often do not reach out, ask for help or really let folks know how I am feeling.  Shortly after my Dad’s surgery, I started making simple posts on Facebook about his recovery.  Posting about our day to day experiences during this intense and difficult time, really helped to ease my mind.  I also found that they were pretty entertaining.  I must admit, we are a funny family, free spirited and march to our own individual rhythms.

I continued posting following his surgery, rehab and coming home.   I care for my Dad and my Mom is pretty feisty.  But, they are both aging and I am all they have.  Hmm…..only child spoiled now??

Anyway, they are HILARIOUS.  I am used to their antics, but opening up through my posts has eased my mind and has allowed me to reach out in a different way.  Even though this adventure is sometimes stressful and tricky, my posts seem to unleash a whole new world of funny.

We are The Fords

and we are…

Built Ford Tough