How did we get here?

In July 2013, my Daddy went into the hospital to have his 5th spinal surgery. He had been battling severe spinal stenosis, and this surgery was to slow down the narrowing of his spinal column. I am an only child, therefore my family is small.  It was the three of us; me, my Mom and my Dad.  Small, but mighty.  Tough.

As an only child, I often do not reach out, ask for help or really let folks know how I am feeling.  Shortly after my Dad’s surgery, I started making simple posts on Facebook about his recovery.  Posting about our day to day experiences, during this intense and difficult time, really helped to ease my mind.  I also found that my posts were pretty entertaining.  I must admit, we are a funny family, free spirited and march to our own individual rhythms.  Anyway, my parents are HILARIOUS.  I am used to their antics, but opening up through my posts eased my mind and has allowed me to reach out in a different way.

On September 9th, 2021, my Daddy died in his sleep, 3 months shy of his 84th birthday.  I was devastated and heartbroken.  Up until that time, my Dad and I talked daily.  We were each other’s confidantes.  While he is no longer with us in person, he definitely is with me in spirit.  And his spirit lives on. 

We are STILL Built Ford Tough.


We are The Fords

and we are…

Built Ford Tough