People been…

My folks have been quiet lately.  Since I announced that I have created and published my blog, I was beginning to think that they were now, all of sudden, shy.  Yup, they knew I would post their words and antics to FB, but I thought that they were now editing themselves.  LOL

Oh. How. I. Was. Wrong.

So…this morning at breakfast, we are doing our usual check-in.  Daddy reading the newspaper (my Dad reads the entire paper every day) and Mom eating berries.

Me:  June 8th is my Grandparents wedding anniversary (I talk about them often.  I never met them, since they both passed when my Daddy was a child…but I feel SO connected to them)

Daddy:  What year was it again?

Me:  1932

Mom:  You know…(pause)…people been screwing a lonnnng time!!

BOOM – Breakfast conversation takes a turn!!

What do I always say?  I can’t make….

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