We are growin’ old together

Watched a movie with my Mom.

It took us THREE HOURS to watch a TWO HOUR movie!!!


FIRST…I needed to find my glasses so that I could figure out the blurry people.
THEN…we kept rewinding so that we could hear what the people were saying.
THEN…we got tired of rewinding, so we decided to turn on closed captioning.
BUT…HOW do you do that???
THEN…we finally figured it out.
THEN…we had to each take a potty break.
THEN…my Mom wanted something to eat.
THEN…we forgot where we were in the movie.

Alexa & Tito…

They are back!!!

I have two new best friends.  There names are Alexa and Tito.
(If you get it …you get it.)

So….this morning:

MOM:  Dad will most likely be home Thursday.

ME:  Yaay…we have a lot to do to get ready.

MOM:  Yup…I need to practice.

ME:  Practice??  Practice what?

MOM:  His legs are weak….so I am gonna give him lap dances.

ME:  (crickets)

We have ramps that must be built, appointments to schedule and she is stretching like she is preparing for the final Track and Field Olympics


Tougher Than Ever!

Hey Family!!!

I’ve been quiet lately…on purpose.  So…I will dive right in!!

My Dad has been in the hospital for the last 2 weeks.  His spinal stenosis is getting worse and is causing severe weakness in his legs which in turn is limiting his ability to walk.  His last surgery was five years ago and we were told that it would not fix anything…it simply would prolong the narrowing of his spinal column.  We are now at the “prolong”.

These last few weeks have been filled with doctor appointments, surgical meetings, visits to the hospital and good ol’ family time.  I’ll admit it…I am clueless as to what to do next.  I am figuring it out as we go.  My Mom is a nervous wreck (yeah Mom…I said it!)   Of course, my Dad is more concerned about me and my Mom driving at night than his own potential paralysis.  That’s him!

Over the weekend, I was visiting with my Dad and we were shooting the breeze.   He had been quiet, so of course I asked how he was feeling.  He was sitting in the chair in his room, smiled slightly, looked at me and said:

DAD: “who am I?”

ME: (smiling)

DAD:  “I am Built Ford Tough…I got this”

ME:  (beaming)

So…we are on to a new journey…with you by our side.