947 months and 3 days

Morning Morning!!

What do I always say?  “I can’t make this up”

So…this morning I was playing back some voicemail messages for my Dad.  He has to go to the hospital every few weeks just for some routine tests.  I played back a voicemail that basically said that everything is good, keep up the good work.

And here we go!!

Mom:  I don’t know why they got you (and me) running up there every few weeks.

Dad:  Well, I have to…that’s what they say.

Mom:  I don’t see why (she is fussing).  Got us coming up there like we some old people.

Dad:  TONI!!!  We ARE old!!!  I am 947 months and 3 days old TODAY!!

Me:  (smh…here we go)

Mom:   Well…you aren’t 1000 months old!!

Dad:  See this is that sh#$ that I do when I am laying up here and can’t sleep at night.  I calculate all types of stuff.  (then starts giggling)  I lay up here and figure out all types of stuff and then when I get up I check my answers on the calculator.

Mom:   Hmph…we are not old!

Dad:  I am 947 months and 3 days old…compare THAT to a 6 month old baby!!

Daddy gonna keep his mind strong


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