You…Drive to Delaware???? Umm

Daddy: What are you doing this weekend? Really, Saturday?

Me: I don’t have anything planned. Just got back home, so I am gonna take it easy.

** Sidenote: (Mom is out of town…we are rolling our vacays) **

Daddy: I was thinking you could drive me up to Dover

Me: As in DELAWARE?!?!

Daddy: I wanna play craps!!

Me:  Well…Maryland Live is 30 minutes from here…let’s go there.

Daddy:  Nope..I wanna go to Dover….No worries…I’ll drive myself

Me:  Shoooooooooot….no you ain’t gonna be driving to no Dover!!!!!
**Yup…I said ain’t AND split my verbs**

Sooooo……guess what I’m doing Saturday!?!?


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