Who is the parent now???

I am having a Summer Camp “parental” experience. My Mom texted me this morning.

MOM: “I have been invited to take riding lessons”

ME: (staring at my phone screen) My response: “hmmmmm”

Mom: They will be at the farm of the owner’s of The Black Dog.

ME: STILL staring at the screen. “hmmmmmm”


ME: Do they have any ponies??

I am really feeling some way. Look, I took riding lessons as a child when I went to summer camp in Freedom, Maine (Camp Hidden Valley). I was THROWN OFF of a horse that same summer. It HURT…BAD!!! I kept at it, but I was 10!!

I have not responded. I love that she is asking…but also know that she will do what she wants to do. I know my Mom doesn’t look her age and definitely doesn’t act her age, but her BONES are her age!!


Hmmmm…what say you?

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