So…whew…wipes brow…my Mom decided not to take the riding lessons. She read your posts and was amped to get started and here goes our conversation:

MOM: Your friends think I should go for it!!!

ME: OK. I have reservations and am concerned about you falling.

MOM: My guardian angels are looking out for me.

ME: I don’t wanna worry and hope they give you an old slow ass horse!!

MOM: Regan!!

ME: I’m serious.

MOM: Well, Mama always said do what you want but be prepared for the consequences.

ME: OK. Consequence. 1-800-SHADY-PINES!!

MOM: Regan!!

ME: I’m serious.

MOM: Forget you!!! You not the boss of me…LOL. Oooook I’m gonna look for a pottery class.


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