I am uncovering all sorts of stuff. I found these photos (contact sheet) and think they are kind of cool.

My Mom was an Oceanographer working at the Navy Yard and my Dad was a Grand PooBa (lol) working for the DC Department of Recreation, I think at DC General Hospital and I was well…..CUTE!!! 🙂  Up until this point my Mom took me to work with her at the Navy Yard because my folks wanted me to learn and be with them, so she used to carry me on her back in a harness. Well, that worked up until I got too big and could WALK….LOL.  A toddler on a ship wasn’t a good look.  So, times were changing.

Anyhoo….the Washington Post decided to do a story on my folks …. (my Mom likes to say “our little family doing BIG things.”) and sent a photographer to our house to capture us. Some of these photos (if you look closely, some are circled in a red pen) were used in an article in The Washington Post.


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