From the Bride to her Groom 47 years later…

Posted today by my Mom..Antoinette Ford on her 47th wedding anniversary to my Dad.


“And I could recount so many stories of how we got here!! Most are full of real humor….which I think is one of the most important ingredients of our relationship. The other two are we have been real friends (and decided we give marriage a try) and the other is real honesty….when Mel was once asked how did he make it being married to me for 40 years, he answered “well, when I did it, life expectancy wasn’t so long”! And when my grandmother asked him did he really think that he knew me, he honestly answered “not altogether”. When he said this, my grandmother said “well when you find out what you have, if you decide not to keep her, don’t hurt her just send her home”.

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