There is only one Woman in the Ford House

The summer of 1983, my Mom and I traveled through Europe. I was a mouthy, spoiled, hard-headed 14 year old who thought she was a woman.

My Daddy sent me and my Mom to Europe to work our stuff out. He was tired of us bickering and decided to send us away. I was testing my Mom and she wasn’t having it….there was only ONE woman in the Ford house.

I did NOT WANT to go at all.   I was pissed off at the airport when we left.  We went to Germany first and we were, well…I was battling.  My Mom said (well yelled)  “LOOK! I HAVE NEVER RAISED ANYONE BEFORE…I HAVEN’T A CLUE WHAT I AM DOING…YOU ARE IT!!”

Then we did the Euro Rail through the Swiss Alps…the train was the turning point.  It was hand holding from then on.  I saw my Mom as a person, not just my Mom.  She let her steel wall down and showed vulnerability and I saw her in a totally different light.

This trip always brings a smile to my face…we truly became friends over those 6 weeks….strengthening a bond that will never be broken.

This was a portrait drawn of me on a beach in Firenze, Italy.

I hadn’t a clue….the eyes tell it all.

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