The Playa and Playette…how they met!!!

I was chatting with my Mom this morning about how she and my Dad met. I have always been tickled by this story.  Soooo….I figured that I would write it up and share with you.

It was December 1964….my Mom, a Philly girl, moved to DC earlier that year. She and her roommate went to a house party the week of Christmas. The party was at a townhouse/rowhouse. The place was packed. When they got there, my Mom really didn’t know too many folks, so she found herself a seat on the stair landing where she could watch all of the coming and going of the guests. It was winter time, but my Mom (always the fashionista) had on a mini-skirt, tights, heels, sweater and a fur. She sat down, settled in and was enjoying the party.

Well… walked my Dad (my Mom always says Fine, Fine…Superfine..when she recalls this story).  Well, Fine, Fine…Superfine walked in with a woman. My Mom peeped him from THE MINUTE he walked in the door. He took off his coat, sat his date down, took her coat and hung them up. He leaned over and whispered in her ear, she giggled and he went to the bar and got them both a drink. He gave her the drink and leaned in, again, and said something to his “date” She giggled and he proceeded toward the stairway where my Mom was seated on the landing. He walked up the steps, past my Mom, (they caught eye contact) up to the next level. My Mom NEVER took her eyes off of him.

Well, well, well….when Fine, Fine Superfine got upstairs to the upper level, there was ANOTHER woman seated upstairs that he approached. She had been sitting there, purse in lap, smiling and chatting with friends, but obviously waiting for my Dad. She never moved from that spot. He leaned in, whispered into HER ear, she giggled and he handed her a drink. My Mom still had her eyes on him. Well, this went on for a little while. He would go downstairs, chat with “date” 1 and then go upstairs and chat with “date” 2, each time passing my Mom and catching a glance. Neither of his “dates” left their seat.

On about the 3rd pass of the Melvin Ford relay, he stopped on the landing and leaned down to my Mom and said “you really should pull your skirt down a little bit,..showing those legs” and proceeded to try to touch her knee. She put her hand on his and said “the two women you have at this party must be very polite or not too smart. You probably need more interesting conversation. You should talk to me” BAM!!! His eyes got big, he sat down and chatted it up with my Mom. She then said she had to go (she didn’t have ANYWHERE she had to be, but she wanted to make an exit..her friend was confused at heck).

Six days later they spent New Years Eve together in Philly. The rest is history.

Sooooo…yup…my Dad was a playa..BUT my Mom was time enough for him…I guess.

They are BOTH looney tune and CRACK ME UP daily!!!

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