The Master Plan is working…YES!!!!

Oh yes….the plan has worked!!!

ME: Mom, you ready to come home?

MOM: Nooooo

ME: Cool!!!

So, as I have mentioned, the sisters have not always had the best relationship, so this was a s-t-r-e-t-c-h. To have them, the Big Sister (my Mom) and the Middle Sister (my Aunt), together, without any buffers; me, or my cousins, ALONE, no hubbies (who were SOOOOOO the balancing, stable forces for us ALL) was a FAAARRRRR REACH!! BUT, OMG!!! It has worked.

My Mom and Aunt are LOVING each other…they BOTH have called me, whispering on the phone, saying how they can’t believe how well they are getting along and how much fun they are having and so on. Each morning, they start their day sitting on the lanai with Arrow having their morning coffee. I. LOVE. IT.!!!

My Mom said: “I guess we’re too old to fight. We both old and can’t remember why we are mad….sooooo we good now!!”


Summer Camp 2022, 2023, 2024 and so on!!

Oh yeah…sssshhhhhh…..I’ve booked a ticket to pick up my babygirl…but I have not disclosed the date. My only hint is that it is this year…LOL.

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