Summer Camp

So…I did a thing. I sent my Mom to SUMMER CAMP!!!!.

On Friday, May 20th, we celebrated my Uncle’s life on Martha’s Vineyard. He and my Dad grew up in the same neighborhood in DC and married two Philly sisters (my Mom and Aunt). My Dad passed on September 9, 2021 and my Uncle on December 20, 2021; the sisters became widows, together.

Since we were headed to the Vineyard for the Celebration, I told my Mom and Aunt that they need to be together. I basically moved my Mom to the Vineyard for the summer….with Arrow!!! I drove my Mom to the Vineyard and left her with everything that she will need. A Car. Money. Snacks; for her and Arrow. Dog food for Arrow. Toys for Arrow. Cases of her favorite sparkling mineral water. Champagne. You name it. She ready!!.

Yep…I am EXCITED!!! My Mom is a typical big sister…bossy, and my Aunt is a middle sister for sure. Their relationship has its ups and downs. Well, they gonna work it out!!! My Aunt’s house is huge…they don’t even have to see each other if they don’t want to.

All last week my Aunt and my Mom kept asking me how long my Mom will be on island. My response: “I. Will. Be. Back. In. August.”

We spread some of my Dad’s ashes at the 2nd bridge and at Menemsha. MV was his spot…he loved to fish. Mommy has enrolled in a writing workshop on island and has found a doggy day care and trainer for Arrow..\

Me…who ME?


What does that mean…I am running the A/C all day, everyday (my Mom HATES A/C). LOL

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