Sturdy Shoes

So…years ago…like 30 years ago, my Mom and I were in church.  The cutest little boy was in the pew in front of us. He was probably about 5 years old. He was wiggly, kept turning around…you know..what kids do.  My Mom is a sucker for cute little boys, so she is egging him on.  He was turning around telling us about his new shoes.  When service ended, he could not wait to come out of the pew and show us his shoes.  He proudly stood up straight, arms by his side, feet together, looking up smiling and said

My Mommy got me some STURDY shoes!

He was so proud.  They were the traditional Buster Brown black lace-up boys dress shoe.  Both me and my Mom were so tickled by his statement that we have been using it for years.  We ALWAYS bring him up.  Whenever we are shoe shopping, we are gleefully trying on all things NOT sturdy and will jokingly say

These aren’t STURDY shoes!!

So…we are planning for the Tom Joyner cruise and my Mom has said, pointedly, that she needs some good, comfortable, sturdy shoes in order to walk that ship.  Please keep in mind that up until a year or so ago, my Mom would proudly rock a stiletto.  That is her!!!

Today, we went to a store that we have never ventured into…The Walking Store.  The store where EVERYTHING is flat and brown…LOL.  We walk in and are immediately greeted by a cute young man who seems to know all things about arches, distribution, soles….shoot, he may have even mentioned torque, speed and rotation…LOL.  All I saw were Birkenstock’s and images of trail mix.

The sales guy had my Mom walk across a pad which gave out this heat simulated footprint which showed where her support is or is not and came up with the best shoe for her.  A very comfortable looking grey/blue sneaker type walking shoe.  Well, she was hesitant and asked

Do you have anything cuter?

The sales guy chuckled and my Mom pointed to a few pair of sandals to try on.  She tried on a few pair and settled on the first shoe the salesperson recommended and a pair of open toe sandals…to be cute.  We enjoy the rest of our day and head home.


My Mom gets up and tells me about all that she has to do today and that she will be gone for a while.  I notice she has on her brand new comfortable looking grey/blue sneaker type walking shoe.  I didn’t say a word.

Well…later in the day, my Mom comes home. I am in the kitchen and she prounounces

These shoes are ugly as shit!!  But they sure are comfortable!!!

I got me some STURDY SHOES!!

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