Rollin, Rollin, Rollin…

We are two days into the New Year and #BuiltFordTough takes on a whole new meaning!!!!!!

First….before I complete this post, let me tell you, that my heart has raced, I have teared up and have exhaled….now, I will do my FB therapy.


My Dad and his friend decided to drive to Dover, DE today to go to the Casino. Before he left, I said “You know it is supposed to snow.” My Dad’s response was “no..not until tomorrow…just rain and we will be back by 6:00pm.” His friend comes to pick up my Dad and they roll out.

Today was my first day back to work. Around 7:30, my Mom calls me and says “what is your Dad’s cell phone number?” with a worried voice. Me: “he ISN’T home??” Mom: “No.” She calls, it goes straight to voicemail. We call his friend….no answer. We then decided that we know they must have stayed in Dover because of the weather.

At 11:00pm… Dad rolls into the house…

Mom: (running to the door)….Melvin!!

Dad:   Hey now!!! (Clearly exhausted, but kind of pumped up.)

Mom:   What took y’all so long??

Dad:   Well….we….ummmmm….well. We ran into a DITCH!!!!

Mom:  WHAT!?!!

(at this point, I come upstairs, and am VERY ….well…just …. uggghh)

Dad:  We were about to get on 301…hit a slick patch and wooooweeee…we went in ditch, came out the ditch, hit another ditch and over a hill.

Me:  OMG…how did you stop?

Dad:  THE TREE WE HIT MADE US STOP!!! (and he is laughing)

(at this point I am thinking…Man you had spinal surgery 6 months ago….please be ok)

Dad:  “A guy had to hitch the truck to his truck and pull us out. He appeared out of nowhere. We tried to give him some money, but he wouldn’t even take it….a good guy.”

Mom:  (this is where the soap opera begins)  “Oh Melvin, please don’t drive to Dover are all that I have”

Dad:  Ok….I’m hungry…can I have some ribs and an apple jack?

(at this point, I am like, he is clearly feeling OK….but thanking God for covering my Dad and his friend tonight)


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