Please…don’t leave a message

I can’t make this mess up.

So….my parents’ home voicemail has been full for I don’t even know how long. They simply forgot the passcode and have never bothered to find out what it is.

Well…today, my Daddy decided to call Comcast so that they could get the code and FINALLY check the voicemail. (probably because people are calling ME saying ‘I am trying to call your Mom/Dad and the voicemail is full..yadda yadda yadda).

Daddy calls Comcast….get the code…Mommy checks the voicemail and there are HUNDREDS of NEW messages. She checks the first message and it is from a friend of my GRANDFATHER asking about his Memorial Service at Arlington National Cemetery. The reason why I am shaking my head….My Grandfather passed away December 2011!!!!!!   His service was January 2012!!!!

C’mon people….my parents might as well get a rotary phone and no voicemail!!! LOL

Built Ford Crazzzzy (Tough)!!!

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