Mr. Ford? Mrs. Ford? Ms. Ford? Long hair. Don’t care.

Hey there!!!!

My Daddy has asked me to tell you all this…(this is his way of getting on the computer…or like he says “go IN the computer“)

Message from Mel:
Since I have been in this hospital and rehab I have been called Miss, Ms., Mrs, Mr. a hunk, handsome and pretty. My FINAL straw was yesterday when after I got out of the shower a hospital tech laid out a new hospital gown for me on my bed. I got out of the shower, dried off and put on my robe. The hospital tech comes back in and says “you look like Cinderella!”

LOOK NOW!!!  I don’t want to have to tell ONE MORE person that I am MR. Ford and that I am NOT a woman……so would my daughter (sh#$#$ my wife said she won’t), PLEASE come down here and CUT MY HAIR!!!!!

So, party people, I have the clippers and all of his necessary tools and am headed down to GWU Hospital to groom my Daddy 🙂. LOL

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