A Bat, an intruder and a can of Raid

Ok people….it’s crazzy now. My Daddy NEEDS to come home…SOON!!

What just happened tonight is TRUE…I think you all are getting a glimpse into the minds of the Fords….

OK…I am in the basement of my parents house and my Mother is upstairs on the main level. I hear footsteps and then the basement door opens.

Mom: Regan!
Me: Yes
Mom: Ummmm….can you come upstairs?

I go upstairs and my Mom starts to tell me that her cell phone goes off with an alert saying an alarm is going off on the first floor. (I don’t hear a thing). She says “no….the alert went off on my phone and then I heard a voice say ‘hello’.

So…I say…”let me go downstairs and get the bat”  I come upstairs with a baseball bat and my mother meets me at the top of the stairs with a can of RAID!!!!  We then proceed to go through the house….my Mother leading the way with a can of RAID and me following behind with a bat saying “hello..hello”

(oh..it gets better)

So then, I DO hear an alarm and its coming from MY phone. I look at it and there is indeed an alert flashing saying “EMERGENCY ALERT…FLASH FLOOD WARNING”. My Mom looks at me and says “no, I heard a VOICE” still strangling the heck out of the can of RAID!!!

Once we figure that no one is in the house (I hope)..she says… I miss your Daddy will you sleep with me tonight?

So….as I type this, I am in the bed with my Mommy!!!!


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