Merry Christmas from the Fords

So…(y’all know I start everything with so…)

So…how do The Fords celebrate?  LOL…like really, what can I possibly give my parents?  And when they ask me what I want…I can’t respond.  I already have it.  Them.  Here.  With.  Me.

So..this is how we get down.  On Thursday, my Dad hands me an envelope with cash and my Mom an envelope with cash.  (You know we compared how much..tee hee hee…of course Mom had a LOT more than me)

He then says:  Here is your Christmas gift.  Buy something and tell me what I got you.

Me and Mom:  Yes Daddy!! (cha-ching!!)  LOL

This morning I gave my Dad coupons. I give them to him every year for Christmas. I hand make them and they are for things that I know he would really appreciate, but me and my Mom seem to forget.

Things such as:

  • Two hours of complete silence
    To be left alone…(see the first one)
    A pot of chicken and dumplings
    An all day excursion to the casino
    Potato Salad (this is specifically from my Mom)
    Brussels Sprouts boiled to death
    A haircut…(lol)
    and so on and so on…

For my is either Tombstone or The Godfather.  She likes to chill out on Christmas and watch one of those movies.

Sweet and Simple…that is how we get down.

Merry Christmas!!!
Thanks for laughing and loving with us!!

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