A Special Drive Through Order

We don’t do this often, but after a day out Holiday shopping and visiting MGM, my Dad wanted a burger.  Specifically, a Burger King Burger….he was feeling ratchet.


Drive-thru operator:   Hi, how can I help you?

Daddy:  I would like the cardiac special.

Drive-thru operator:  Excuse me Sir?

Daddy:  Yes, I want the cardiac special with a side of defibrillator…(starts giggling)

Drive-thru operator:  Ummm…HOW can I help you???

(Mom yells from the passenger seat)

Mom:  Two #3’s with large Chocolate Milkshakes please.

Drive-thru operator:  Oook Oh ok.

Daddy:  Don’t forget the defibrillator

Drive-thru operator:  Would you like whipped cream?


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