Look Daddy, I got my ears pierced!!

So… I saw a posting of a baby girl getting her ears pierced. You know…one of those ear piercing places, in a mall. I instantly thought of when/where and how I got my ears pierced.

This is how it went down…I think I was 6ish.


My Mom had a group of friends that called themselves Sapphire. These were/are my Mom’s GIRLS…high powered, smart, fun, loving and sincere. They got together often just to relax, travel and plan to take over the world…you know everyday type of stuff. LOL.  Well…Little Sapphires (me and the other daughters and nieces) would hang out with them often…we were in awe of them.

On this particular evening…it was fun time. My Mom and her girls were having a Girls (and daughters) Night Out at the home of one the Sapphires. There was wine, cigarettes (back then people smoked), wine, us  and more wine.

One of the ladies noticed that my ears were not pierced..

Brenda (Sapphire)  “Toni…you haven’t had Regan’s ears pierced?

My Mom:  “No..not yet….I’ve been out of the country…Mel won’t take her”

Brenda (Sapphire)   “Girl…I’ll do it. Let me finish this glass of wine”


My Mom:  “Sounds like a plan…Regan baby..come over here”

Brenda (Sapphire)   “I need a needle, ice and a lighter”


I remember the cigarette dangling between Brenda’s lips while she pierced the first one. Sipping some wine before piercing the second ear.  Never missing a beat of the conversation with the other ladies and then kissing me on the cheek when she was done saying “BEAUTIFUL!”

Afterwards, all eyes were on me…look at Regan.  Ooooh. Ahhhhh.  I think Brenda gave me a pair of chipped diamond studs to keep for when I take the BROOM BRISTLES out. (smh…typing that)


On our way home from our Girls Night Out, I couldn’t stop looking at myself in the car mirror….”I can’t wait to show Daddy”

Mom:  “You MIGHT want to let me tell him”

We get home, I RAN from the car to the back door.  I. Could. Not. Wait. To. Tell. My. Dad.

Me:  “Daddy I got my ears pierced”

Dad:  “That’s nice baby…where did you and Mom go?”

Me:  “Brenda did it”


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