Jesus take the wheel…well Jetway!!!

I’m so giddy!!!!   Regan has relinquished control to me….for 10 days.   What can we get into now?!?!

Well, we’ve landed in Houston, Texas!   The adventures begin.

Mel, Regan and I have traveling together down to a science.  BUT, today we were surprised at how many wheelchair access passengers were lined up to board our flight.  In the past, Mel is the only passenger that has to be assisted to the plane by wheelchair.   NOT THIS TIME.

I found out that Southwest Airlines has passengers who have been “healed” on their flights.

See…Southwest Airlines does not have assigned seating, so you get on first come, first served.  Because of the number  of passengers in wheelchairs, including Mel, I mentioned to one of the flight attendants that they should have a special plane for disabled passengers to ease their travel.

She explained to me that they never need as many wheelchairs at the end of the trip as at the beginning.  Surprisingly a lot of people need them when they get on, but for some reason when it is time to get off Jetway Jesus takes over and a lot of people can walk off.

Praise Him!!!


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