It’s a Family Affair

Hey Everyone!!!

My Aunt Toni is slipping on her blogging duties so I am stepping in.

My name is Ayana…. yet known to my family I am Kym.  (Long Story…lol)    My cousin always introduces me as Kym and then quickly says Ayana.  My Aunt and Uncle call me Kymmy.  I am telling you all this because….if anything happens on this ship….look out for both of me…LOL.

And most importantly, Regan, my sistah-cuzzin, is the best!   We are 6 months apart and I am overjoyed to be a part of this cruise and the Ford-Tough family.  It has been amazing already and we have NOT even gotten on the boat!!!!!

Family is everything.   We have been sharing a hotel room and one person not being able to sleep because the Philharmonic Tuba and French horn section was rehearsing all night, to being a cruise virgin and having this one being the first time away from my all male household, these memories are gonna be priceless!!!!!!

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