It has been a little over a year since my Mom had a stroke. One week before she had the stroke, she started taking cello lessons. Well, the cello lessons were put on hold…

While in rehab she asked if she could incorporate her cello into her therapy. She was very happy when she was told that would be a great idea!!! So, Toni the cellist was born.

Fast forward to today. She takes 60 minute cello lessons every week, via Zoom, with her instructor Johnny Walker. She LOVES it!!!!! She practices every day and I can now actually recognize what she is playing (tee hee hee).

But, last week, something new started happening. Like I always say, I can’t make this stuff up!!!

NOW, whenever my Mom is practicing, my Dad HOWLS!!!! Yes, HOWLS….like he is howling at the moon. What makes it even nuttier is that my Mom does not stop…she just keeps playing along. And he is HOWLING LOUD!!!!!

So…Toni the cellist and Mel the Wolf!!! SMH SMH

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