Driving Miss Toni!!!

So…we are headed to Virginia on 95 south. We are one hour in on a 90 minute drive. It is 10am. I was up late the night before.

ME: (yawning) Mom, I am kind of sleepy. Can you drive the rest of the way?

MOM: If I have to…. (looking out the window at the cars passing by)

ME: OK…I am little sleepy.

MOM: If I have to…but you know I had a stroke last year. (side eye)

ME: Well, if you can drive the rest of the way that would be great or else we can stop and I can get a PEPSI.

MOM: (perked up) You better get 2 PEPSI’s and keep it rolling. People are TOO FAST!!!! I feel like that man in Shawshank Redemption when he got out of jail. People need to slow down!!!!!!!

Mom has decided that she no longer wants to drive. The cars are too fast.

I will drive her anywhere she wants to go.

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