Ford -vs- Ford -vs- Ford

So…this topic of my Mom going Rollerskating for her birthday has now taken over the Ford household.  The battle is ON!!!

In this corner, weighing in as the Smooth and Silent, Master of Disaster, the Godfather, the G-Pop, we have MELVIN FORD.  (cheers, cheers, roar of the crowd)

In the opposite corner weighing in at a lean and scrappy Leopard Onesie Suited Diva, the Philly Girl, the Queen of Bling, we have TONI FORD.  (thunderous applause, cheers, more roar)

And…operating as the Water Girl…the wind whisperer, the side kick, the calm before the storm, we have REGAN FORD.  (sighs, sighs,  shaking of heads, a yell of “We Got You  Girl” from the crowd)

MOM:   I talked to Bunny.  He talked to Crystal Skate, looks like we will have to change the date.

DADDY:  Toni…you are not gonna roller-skate.  You are gonna hurt yourself.

MOM:  Humph…I’m not afraid of falling down.

DADDY:  You should be.

MOM:   Melvin, look…I am having a party and you will be there!

DADDY:  Toni…you don’t need to be on any roller-skates!!

MOM:  You curmudgeon!

 * (Regan glances up from her pail of water…lol…and googles Curmudgeon) *

DADDY:  Humpf…yeah ok.   I’ll be your curmudgeon.  (chuckle, chuckle)

MOM:   Man…you act so old, I need to calculate your age with an ABACUS.


The Scrappy Girl from Philly – 1

The Silent Godfather – 0

The Water Girl – wet and delirious

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