I’ve been missing in action and I am so sorry.  But fear not, Melvin and Toni have been in full force.

Like I say…I can’t make this stuff up.

Its Sunday morning.  My Dad is doing his usual…reading the newspaper.  Mom is chillin in bed and I am trying to stay out of the way…lol.   I go into their room to chat a bit with my Mom.

ME:  Whatcha doin?

MOM:  You know…playing my games.  (she loves Sudoku)  Where’s Dad?

ME:  In the dining room.

MOM:  I guess he wants some breakfast??

ME:  Ummm….that would be a good guess

*I start teasing her*

ME:  You better get to cooking…you and Dad took those old school vows. (LOL)

MOM:  What are you talking about?

ME:  You know (giggle giggle)….I, Toni, take you, Melvin, to be my lawfully wedded husband.

MOM:  Sucks teeth…yeah…not a chance that we got to write our own

ME:  To love, honor and…

MOM:  (laughs) for thine is the Kingdom

ME:  (tilting head sideways)  obey and to cherish

MOM:  Yea, though I walk through the valley

ME:  (now…scrunching up my face…head still tilted sideways)

MOM:  Of the shadow of death…I will fear no evil…thy rod and thy staff

ME:  Uhhh….Mom… those aren’t wedding vows…

MOM:  (stops)….

ME:  (smh smh)  You went from wedding vows to Bible scripture

MOM:   After 51 years of marriage….its all the same….I need a rod and staff to handle your Daddy

ME:  Well…alright then….I think he wants grits and eggs

MOM:  OK…(never looked up from Sudoku)

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