Uncle Donald, Uncle Buddy & Daddy…oh my!!!

OK…my Dad’s older brothers are coming to town for Thanksgiving (from NYC and Richmond, VA). We all haven’t been together in years. Both of my Uncles have lived away from DC for all of my life.

So…I have this idea to take them to the house they grew up on in NW DC. So, this past weekend I stopped by the house, knocked on the door, not having a clue as to what to expect (yeah, yeah, crazzy…but I am ME…AND I had backup in the car…lol, but seriously).

The furriest white dog met me at the door and a nice young guy came to the door. I introduced myself and told him my story…he was SO tickled. We chatted and he said he wanted to run it by his wife….but all in all he said OF COURSE….bring them over!!!!!

I am now going thru the TONS of pictures I have of them. I have some OLD OLD OLLLD pics of all 3 of them standing in front of the house.

I’m excited!!!

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