Toni the speedster….teaching Toni how to drive

*I am CRACKING up on this one*

—————————– Goddaughter has asked me to teach her how to drive.  So, I was chatting with my Dad to get some tips.  My Mom jumps in and starts talking about how my Dad taught her how to drive…and heeeerre we go.

Me:  What was it like teaching Mom how to drive?

Dad:  (shaking his head..eyes closed)   TERRIBLE….(continues shaking his head)  She was trying to tell ME what to do.  She swore she knew what she was doing.

Mom:   I wasn’t that bad.

Dad:  Toni…do you remember when I was trying to tell you to slow down?

Me:  (laughing)  What did she do Dad?

Dad: was awful.  Your Mother would drive fast..way too fast.  We were in the car and I said “Baby… you need to slow down…you really need to watch your speed

Mom:   (holding her head down)

Me:  What did she do Dad??

Dad: Regan…I told her to slow down. You know what she said to me???  (now visibly mad..all over again…like he is having a flashback)

Me:  What did she say??   (I am now like..what the heck happened?)

Dad:  She said  “How do you expect me to watch the speedometer AND drive at the SAME time!!!”  and she was serious.


LOL….I can’t make this stuff up!!!!  I am laughing typing this.

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