The Fabulous Life of Toni & Mel

So….today was a wonderfully, rainy, lazy day. My Dad had The Butler from Netflix, so I finally got around to watching it. Afterwards, I am having lunch with my parents and I tell them that I finally watched the movie. So….my Dad says, very casually, “me and your Mom went to a State Dinner.”

** (Now, don’t get me wrong, I know that my parents have had some wonderful experiences and he isn’t telling me something that I don’t already know…it’s just that since we don’t sit around and talk about these things on a daily basis, I am ALWAYS tickled/amused/FASCINATED whenever we have these casual reminiscent conversations) **

I am amused and immediately start asking them what they remember about the State Dinner…..(and here we go….)

Dad: Yeah, I was sitting next to Charlton Heston and your Mom was sitting next to….

Mom: OMAR SHARIF!!!!!! Woooweee!!!!

Dad: Yeah…I was next to Ben Hur and she was next to Dr. Zhivago…

Me: (giggling)

Mom: Mel…remember how Charlton had on a raggedy shirt….the neck of his shirt was all tore up!!!!

Dad: I DO remember that Dr. Zhivago was gonna NEED a Doctor if he kept talking to my wife!!!!!!

Mom: awww Melvin..

Me: What did you have on?

Mom: I had on this floor length lace gown and your Dad was tuxed up and FINE!!!!!!!

Me: Did you enjoy it?

Mom: Oh Regan…it was really nice….we really had a good time!!!! The decor, the elegance, ahhhhhh

Dad: It was aiight!!!! I knew two of the butlers there…they were looking at me like “Man, how you get up in here???”

Mom: We rolled nice!!!!!

** So….in the spirit of The Fabulous Life of…. this is the “THE FABULOUS LIFE OF TONI & MEL!” **

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