Thanksgiving and Chicken Juice

Smh Smh Bear with me….this is long.

OK…my Mother LOVES Thanksgiving…she LOVES cooking Thanksgiving dinner…she LOVES decorating for Thanksgiving…and this is NOT new.  She goes all out!!!!  My Daddy and I know this…prepare for it….and enjoy it.

So…this year..we are doing something that we have never done….we are having a FORD Family Thanksgiving.   Meaning…we are having my Dad’s two older brothers and their families to our home for Thanksgiving. I am going to see all of my cousins and both Uncles and I am SUPER EXCITED!!!

See….I grew up celebrating holidays with my Mom’s side…us Ford’s just didn’t get together as often as we should. My Mom and I have planned out a menu that is FABULOUS!!!! My Mom has pulled out her linen chest, silver chest, gold flatware, gold serving utensils and so on…she is getting ready. Plus….she can throw down in the kitchen!!!!

So..yesterday, we are at the Dining Room table, as usual, chatting it up. Of course, we start talking about our plans for Thanksgiving and THEN…..My Daddy throws this out there….(y’all I cannot make this mess up….I am not lying….)
Daddy:  I’m gonna go to Costco and get two Roasted Chickens

Me:  Ok…that will be good, you can have some lunch meat on Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Daddy:  No…we don’t need a Turkey…COSTCO’s Chickens are GOOOOD!!!! I’ll get the TWO ROASTED CHICKENS and we can replace the Turkey with a couple of chickens


Daddy:  See…I can get the chickens and with 2 or 3 them Mom doesn’t have to cook the Turkey

Me:  (thinking fast)…well, Daddy…see Mom likes the process and the tradition of the Turkey, plus she needs the juices from the Turkey for her stuffing and gravy.

Daddy:  There is chicken juice in the Costco container

Me:  (WTF!!!! exasperated…and can’t take it….and definitely I do not want my Daddy to even THINK about suggesting this to my Mom)   LOOK… you wanna make it to your 47th wedding anniversary? If so, I strongly suggest that you DO NOT repeat this suggestion to your wife. Better yet, forget we are having this conversation. DO NOT, and I mean it DO NOT joke about having some COSTCO CHICKENS for Thanksgiving Dinner…OK?

Daddy: Why?

Well FB Family…..send some healing to your boy D’Melvin…he had popcorn and Butter Pecan ice cream for dinner last night. I guess he didn’t listen.


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