I. Am. Thankful.

I tried to sleep today away, but my Dad would not allow me to.

I heard him say “Regan” clearly…as if he were standing over me while I slept in his chair in his room.

A room that my Mom and I haven’t been able to enter, clean or organize since 9/9/21.

“Regan” is all I needed….his voice was clear. I tried not to wake up, hoping that I would hear it again.

Today is different…and this difference is a new beginning. But, he is RIGHT HERE.

My Mom is sad. She is trying HARD to put up this front, but I caught her today in the kitchen sobbing…SOBBING. My Mom does not cry….EVER!!.

We will be OK. We. Will.

I am Melvin Ford’s daughter…how blessed I am.

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