Still steppin’

This is a Built Ford Tough Blog Takeover. My Mom wrote this post to share with you all. Enjoy.

How many steps does it take to walk a mile in my shoes? A whole lot!!!! But I am steppin’. These last few months have been quite a journey. I set goals that had to be met by June 30th. I met several of them before that date and am still setting new goals.

My most important goal was to write this story. To detail this journey. To express how much I appreciate the outpouring of love that I have received since February 12th. Like the child in me, I was so tickled to receive emojis, funny posts and loving posts. I even received visitors, that stood outside of my window and we talked through the screen, with masks on. Damn COVID-19. I received flowers, cards and gifts. You all made my heart FULL!

Early in the day on February 12th, I was sitting at my computer and the letters started jumping all over the screen. They were running across the screen like they were in a relay. I just knew that my laptop was falling apart. The night before, Regan and I went to the Kennedy Center. I walked into a wall and thought “they really need to put up better signs about this construction!”

Back to the words running across my laptop screen. I shook it off and decided that I would take my laptop in to the MAC store. While sitting at the dining room table, attempting to write my list for the day, Regan came in and saw my handwriting. She said “Mom, put your clothes on, I’m taking you to the ER.” I didn’t question her. I got dressed. We left.

While signing in at the ER front desk I couldn’t write. My beautiful Palmer Penmanship script resembled chicken scratch. I was admitted to the hospital. Tests. Tests. More tests. Afterward, I learned that I had had an ischemic stroke. Doctor’s noted that it was wonderful that Regan acted quickly and didn’t question her instincts.

While in the hospital I was not allowed to do anything without assistance. Me? Not allowed? ALLOWED? It is amazing how quickly we let others take over our lives. I wasn’t having it! Not walking to the bathroom alone – ridiculous. Yeah…ridiculous, until the day I fell doing just that. I scared the nurses, the staff, but most importantly, I scared myself. From that point, an alarm was activated on my bed. That’s right! I was being monitored. I am hard-headed.

When I came home I set goals for what I wanted to achieve and by when.

Complete my physical, occupational & speech therapies by June 30. DONE!

Complete a 500 piece puzzle. DONE!

Restart my cello lessons and make my teacher proud. DONE!

I have slowed a bit…but I have not stopped. I won’t stop!

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