Spear Holder, Combine and Redskin Cheerleader…Oh My!!!

Ok…my Mom has basically experienced everything she has ever imagined. Well, last night while dining at our favorite spot, Peking Gourmet Inn, and enjoying several glasses of Plum Wine our conversation led to “what’s next?” “what do you still want to do?” and so on.

Well…my Mom told me that there are 3 things that she has always wanted to do but has never had the opportunity. HOLD UP..WAIT A MINUTE!!! I said “chile please!!” (like…for real..that’s what I said) 🙂

She went on to tell me that she has always wanted to:

– Be a spear holder in the Ring Cycle (the Wagner Opera “Oper Der Ring des Nibelungen” series) ON STAGE

– Drive a combine

– Be a NFL Cheerleader

I am sitting there….like…hmmmm… the Ring what? Drive a who? and C’mon really?

She is SERIOUS!!! When she was an undergrad student she applied for a job selling Opera series tickets in the hopes that she would somehow make it to the stage. Back in the day..waaaaay back in the day when she first moved to DC…..she tried out for the Redskinettes. (smh)

She then goes on to say that she has scrapped the NFL Cheerleader goal….”going to the gym with you is enough” is what she said to me while sipping on her wine.

So….FB family…when my Dad wanted to fish…I chartered a fishing boat. Mom wants to be a spear holder in Wagner’s Ring….I am making an appeal. If you know someone who knows someone and so on…let’s hook my Mom up. She said “I want to be able to hold the spear with one arm….if I wait too much longer, I’ll have to use two arms..” LOL. The Ring Cycle will begin performances at the Kennedy Center next April 🙂

If my Mom was a Redskins Cheerleader, they would probably win!! -yup…she makes things happen 🙂

Now…the combine??? Hmmmmm…..

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