Smile and begin to talk….she smiled back

Ok…I am at the mall….whew…wow…whew.

Stopped to grab a bite to eat. Two young guys, teenagers, asked if they could sit in the empty chairs beside me. I tell them “of course”

I am giggling to myself because clearly there are some girls that they want to talk to…..THEN one of them asks me “isn’t it best to approach someone if you are interested instead of waiting on them?”

I tell the young man “yes…why not? Sitting here pretending like you are not interested won’t get you anywhere” The 1st boy says to the next one “see…I told you…and that is coming from a woman”

Well folks…they put me smack in the middle of an after school special. His friend asks me why he has to approach the girl….Yada Yada yadda. I then went on to talk about chivalry and standing out. I told them “do something different than the rest of these young men are doing…y’all are all sitting back saying nothing…smile…say Hi”

I am sitting here smiling….they stood up and the first young man said “ok…I got this”…he put his hand on my shoulder and said “watch”

I sat and watched him slowly go over to the girl, smile and begin to talk….she smiled back…

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