Pops is coming home

Yesterday I read each and every one of your names (those who have liked, commented and sent messages) to my Dad. He sat and smiled…some of you he knows and some he didn’t…he would ask “now..who’s that? How do you know him/her?…show me their picture.” (for those of you with pictures of cartoons, avatars, etc….I had to further explain what that was…lol.)

Dad: “Avatar….huh…the movie….why they do that?”

So….trust, we spent a LONG LONG time with him looking at FB and me reading the names….because he definitely comments….lol. I have the Samsung Galaxy S4, and he was like “yeah..I like this…get me one of those…I need all of this!”

Mom gave him a fresh haircut and I gave him a manicure. AND the best thing is…he is being discharged THIS FRIDAY.

Surgery on spine – July 3rd
Took a few steps – July 5th
Walked – July 6th
Transferred to rehab – July 7th

~~~~~~~~ Cue up the Rocky Theme!!!!! ~~~~~~~~


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