Ouch!!! Tweezers maybe??

ROFL!!!!  HeyFam…I know it’s been quiet over at BUILT FORD TOUGH….but this morning put us back on track!!!

This Morning’s Conversation (smh smh)

Mommy:  Good Morning Baby…..I need one of your razors!!

Daddy:  HUH? (sounding alarmed and sleepy at the same time)

Mommy:  Well…I had a facial and waxing appointment this morning and it had to be cancelled… I am gonna be on TV and I can’t be on TV with hair on my lip. Hi-def shows it all!!!!

Daddy:  NOOOOO….(as he is now sitting STRAIGHT up in the bed)

Mommy:  Please, I just need to shave my upper lip.

Daddy:  NO NO NO…if you start that you will be shaving every day…NO!!!!

Mommy:  What am I gonna do?

Daddy:  Put some make up on it.

Mommy:  But….My mouth looks like an old P@#@Y!!!

(fast forward a few minutes)

Mommy:  Ouch!!!

Daddy:   Sit still….be still

Mommy:  Melvin….can you see????

Daddy:  Look now….be still

**** I go in the room and my Daddy has a pen-sized flashlight in his mouth and is PLUCKING my Mom’s upper lip!!!!!!! ****

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