Netflix & chill…

Lord Help Me……recent convo with the parents….

While setting up my Mom’s Wi-Fi DVD player so she can watch NetFlix on her TV (this is a whole other story)…..the conversation goes as follows:

Me:   Ok Mom, push the red NetFlix button on the remote

Mom:   Ok…now what? (as a whole bunch of movies show up on the screen)

Me:   See…now just go through all of the categories and pick what you wanna watch (she is scrolling and stops at the Thriller section…)

Daddy:   OOOH… on Redemption..the one with Jason Statham

Mom:  Redemption? Why? What’s that about


(My head drops….my Mom looks puzzled)

Mom: Huh? Bags a nun…like shopping????

Daddy:  Yeah…he bags a NUN….you know….GETTING BUSY!!! click on that movie!!!!

(this is just getting worse and worse)

Mom:  MELVIN!!!!!!


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