Netflix & chill…Again

(I am cracking up typing this….I just love these two)

Like I always say….I cannot make this up.

Daddy: I need you to mail my NetFlix

Mommy: Why don’t you just go to the movie theater?

Daddy: You know me….I’m not paying $15 to see ONE movie.

Me: (uh oh)

Daddy:   Can you imagine me trying to buck the movie with my walker? I’ll be scooting from theater to theater to get my movie on …and don’t let me have to go the Men’s room …. the movie theater people would say   “didn’t I just see that man scoot by here 4 hours ago?? How many people are in here in walkers?”

Mommy:  Hmmmm….you got a point…give me that NetFlix.

Daddy:  I got a nice house….I’m keeping my black butt home. I got my Netflix, my brand new Sleep Number Bed and a 60″ TV….I am gonna set my bed to Zero Gravity and do like Sandra Bullock and George Clooney and Float on!!!!!

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