My Mom went Postal

Well FB family…it has been a minute since I have posted a Ford epic day…but we are SO back.

Like I always say…..I cannot make this stuff up.

Here we go:

Today my Mom and I were running errands. I had a package that I needed to take to the post office. Small box, already taped with the pre-paid label attached. Since everybody was out getting ready for the blizzard, I pull up to the Post Office and my Mom says “I’ll take it in and drop it in the metered mail slot” Cool.

She gets out of the car and goes into the Post Office. I watch her go up to the metered mail slots and then walk away and head toward the counter, out of my line of vision.

I wait. I wait. I keep waiting. I wait some more.

After about 5-8 minutes, my Mom comes out of the post office with her hat pulled down, a slip of paper in her hand and is walking FAST.

She gets in the car and is like “LET’S GO”

I ask “what took you so long?” Why did I ask THAT?

She tells me that she went up to the metered mail slot and was worried that if she put the box in the bulk section, it wouldn’t get handled properly. So, she headed to the counter and stood at the back of the line and toward the side to get the attention of one of the counter clerks. She held up the box (to show that it was labeled) and started waving it toward the clerks.

Well….the police that were in the post office went for their guns and motioned toward her. My Mother yells “NO…this is just a Sephora return!!!!” The officer yells “DON’T MOVE! Place the box on the floor”

The counter clerk, clearly seeing that my Mom was about to bolt or pass out, says “come here baby” (My Mom said…she was SO happy to be old and grey on this day).

My Mom goes to the counter, while the police are still staring at her with their hands on their guns and everybody in line is now stepping to the side. My Mom tells the lady she just needs to mail this box, it’s a return to Sephora (I guess my Mom thought by repeating it’s makeup, it would prove that she isn’t dangerous…lol). The clerk takes the box, gives my Mom a receipt and says have a nice day…stay warm.

Oh Em Gee


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