Mom. DNA. Hmm.

I have allowed Colt 45 to interrupt my funny. Well…no more!!!

The parents have been acting up.  I should have written this stuff down..but you know….they are quick!!!   BUT, this happened this morning.
So…my parents did the DNA thingy.  They sent their kits off in January and still have not heard anything.

Dad:  Regan, when are we gonna hear back about our DNA?

Me:  I don’t know, I’ll look online and see if anything has posted.

Mom:  Sure is taking a long time. I wonder why it is taking so long!

Me:  I have no idea…the website does say that they it may take longer due to so many submissions.

Dad:   Uh oh!!! Toni….we better be careful.

Mom:  Why?

Dad:  (giggle giggle)  Yours might come back with warrants!!!!  (cracking himself up)

Mom:  (rolls eyes)

Like I say…I can’t make this stuff up. ROFL

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