Introducing the Wolfman!!

Oh he is REALLY back!!!

**** Conversation today (phone call) *****

Me: Hey Daddy…how you doing?

Daddy: I’m good..they working me.

Me: That’s good……rehab will be awesome to get your strength back.

Daddy: What time will you be here tonight?

Me: After 6:30…you need anything?

Daddy: Yeah…bring my razor, clippers, a towel…I really need a hair cut

Me: smh..biting my tongue (thinking to myself…I really was expecting the loving, “I just want to see you” response)

Daddy: Oh yeah..and the fingernail clippers, not the toenail clippers, the fingernail ones…I need my nails clipped.

Me: Ummm….Daddy you are in the hospital…not the salon.

Daddy: Just bring my stuff down here…I look like a WOLF!!!!

Pray for me family….pray!!!

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