I’m scheduling play dates

It has been a FAST two weeks since my Dad has been discharged from the hospital. All I can say is woooooooooweeeeee….Thank GOD for GREAT insurance. He has a Nurse, Physical Therapist, Home Health Aide and someone else that comes to the house and we LOVE it!!!!

But…I am headed to MV for vacay and leaving my children (ooops..I mean my parents) home alone might be catastrophic. So, I am setting up Play Dates and running some personal ads!!! Y’all think I’m kidding… Sidney Glee and Craig Glee…your Dad is first on the list. 🙂

So…here is my first ad:
Would you like a Pop-Pop, Uncle, Brother or Side-Kick for the day? Excellent chess player, loves ALL sports, up on current events, history buff, the master of the stare down, tells GREAT jokes, Howard University Hall of Fame Member for both swimming and baseball, tells the truth, has transportation, LOVES his family, recites Shakespeare, has a memory like no other, goes to the casinos, GREAT GREAT friend and loves music. Sidenote: he is somewhat quiet upon first meeting, but once he warms up to you….it is on.

If you have a Playboy or Netflix subscription, that is awesome, but he can come with his own. If you watch The Wormhole, anything on TCM or The History Channel….BONUS!!!

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