Happy Birthday Daddy!!

One of the things that I have always loved about this time of year is that my parents have back to back birthdays. My Mom’s birthday is December 14th and my Dad’s is December 15th.

One of my Dad’s ALL TIME FAVORITE memories is the Surprise 50th Birthday party that my Mom threw for him in 1987. He reminisced about this party ALL OF THE TIME, especially on his birthday. It was epic!!!

My Mom planned this party for months. It is important to note that the party was held on Monday, December 14th….her birthday, not his. Try planning a surprise birthday party for a FOOTBALL fan in the middle of football season…yeah Monday Night Football. Oh yeah…and make it BLACK TIE. Meaning, she had to convince my Dad’s friends that they had to get dressed up and not watch football…and keep it a surprise!!

My Mom invited EVERYONE!!! My Dad’s ex-girlfriend came. His high school prom date came (with their framed prom picture in hand). EVERYBODY!!! I was a Freshman at Villanova and was in the middle of finals. I remember talking to him the day of the party. I was already in DC and totally played it off like I was studying for finals. I asked him what he was doing for Mommy for her birthday. He huffed and puffed about having to go to some awards celebration for their close friends Jim and Charlotte. I was giggling.

But the thing that put this party over the top was that my Mom wanted to do something different. Something NOT Black Tie. Something only Toni would do. My Mom hired a stripper!!! Yes..a stripper!!! Not layers of chiffon and veils, but a straight up Salt n Pepa “Push It” stripper.

The whole reveal was orchestrated and went off without a hitch. All of the ladies were called to dance with the birthday boy one by one. Our special guest was the last lady to dance with him, after me. I slid to the side and up came the dancer, in a black cocktail dress. My Dad looked confused…he did not know this woman. Then BAM!!! The DJ stopped and next “Ah, Push It…pick up on this” is blaring from the speakers. All I know is that she reached behind her neck and the dress dropped to the floor! The rest is history.

Wooooweeeee. These pics are cropped, but the facial expressions say it all.

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Whew I miss you!!!

Keep whispering in my ear. I am listening. I hear you. I feel you. I love you.


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