GOOD Morning!!!!

This morning was absolutely perfect!!!!

*Snoozed for 45 minutes  (That’s my usual…my norm.  I ease into my day.)

*Did my morning meditation ( I ♡ TM…I meditate twice a day…every day)

*While sipping the best cup of my morning brew, I watched a video of Ta-Nehisi Coates giving a well stated reason of the use/non-use of the N word

*Had a cute FB post session with all of my Jeanine/Jaineens. (Jeanine TaylorJeanine Hunter and Jaineen Brown)

*Turned on SiriusXM and JAMMED out to the extended version of SUPER FREAK by Rick James. (Yes, I was dancing like the girl from Little Miss Sunshine)


*SiriusXM played WHEN DOVES CRY. Oh Em Gee..c’mon now.

My Mom tells me that I have a Beautiful Mind

Ahhhhh….I am letting the sun shine on my face today and smile BIG!!!!!

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