Gone fishing…what a catch!!!

**Warning…this is a long post…I am feeling mushy**

Yesterday was absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!!  Last night we were exhausted…but still smiling.

My Dad had not fished since 2000. What started out as an idea with my framily Craig Glee, Sidney Glee and Nikki Vasser Glee immediately turned into action.  Craig and Sidney’s Dad and my Dad have been friends for over 40 years and have always fished together.  When I put the idea out to them, there was no hesitation in their response.  Each one of my Daddy’s buddies that we asked simply responded “Melvin Ford wants to fish….then we are going fishing!!!

I hadn’t a clue where to begin, but then our family friend, Floyd Parks stepped in.  He is a deep sea fisherman and knew exactly who to put me in touch with….Captain Montro Wright.

You can tell what you have meant to people when they stand for you….my Dad had folks drive up from Atlanta, come down from NYC and help my Mom and I prepare for this trip. It meant so much to have Charlotte and Keli Jackson on this trip.  Keli and I met in first grade and have been friends ever since.  Her parents, Charlotte and Jim Jackson and my parents became fast friends, better yet, more like family.  We traveled to Martha’s Vineyard every summer together and Mr. Jackson (Uncle Jim) and my Dad bonded even more over fishing. Yesterday, Uncle Jim’s presence was felt on the boat and I know he was smiling down from heaven with that beautiful smile and nodding his head.

I just sat back and enjoyed the banter between friends. It was like they were back in stride….catching fish and talking ish.  My favorite quote I overheard was from one of my Dad’s buddies, Mr. Glee….I have not a clue what they were talking about but then Mr. Glee said “What I used to do all night long…takes me all night long to do!”

Ironically, one of the youngest on the boat caught the first fish, Cole Glee, and the oldest person on the boat, my Dad, caught the first double header. The only vegetarian on the boat caught the most fish and two people who have never fished before were in pace with catching fish.

We woke up at 4:00am, hit the road at 5:00am, arrived at the dock by 6:00am and set sail at 7:00am. When I chartered the boat, the Captain said that we will leave at 7:00am and come back at 3:00pm. At first, I thought that was such a long time. Well, yesterday those 8 hours flew by!!! Time flies when you are having fun!!!

After collectively catching over 300 fish, we arrived back to the dock safe and sound. I have to give a special shout out to Captain Montro Wright, one of the only 8 black Captains in the Chesapeake area. He and his first mate were fabulous and said we could come back anytime we wanted.

Our afternoon ended and we headed home. While driving back…My Dad smiled the entire way and said…..”yeah..I can do this!!”

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