DNA & Bunny Slippers

Somebody come get Melvin Ford.

So….my parents want to do the Ancestry.com DNA testing.
I ordered the kits…one for each of them…so I don’t need to do one. We received the kits.

Daddy:  When are we going to do our DNA thingy?
Mommy:  Yeah….I want to find out where I’m from.

I need to let you all know that when we are talking, my Dad is in lounge clothes, I am in casual clothes and my Mom is in a FURRY COTTON CANDY PINK BUNNY SUIT ONESIE
~end pause~


Mommy:  Yeah…I want to find out where I’m from
Daddy:   Side eye (at the woman in the Pink Bunny Suit)
Me:  Yeah….I want to know too
Daddy:   (Side eye to me too (????))
Daddy:  I need to know what planet you came from…
Mommy:  (Hmpf)
Daddy:   Regan…you too!!
Me:  What..what I do????

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